Welcome to iKindness, Your Home Visiting Healthcare Experts

We are a home visiting healthcare organisation, providing comprehensive healthcare to you at your home.

You are one phone call away from ethical, high quality, affordable home care for Diabetes, Stroke, High BP, Angina, Arthritis, Pain, Wound care, etc (From Rs 500 per visit, see Care Packages). Doctors, Nurses, Physios, Technicians, Dieticians, Pharmacists, etc all can visit you at your home.

We also have Care Homes for those needing care, from Rs 6500 per month, or Rs 400 per day. Nursing care, palliative care, pain relief, wound care, dementia services, are all provided.

Please Email ikindness247365@gmail.com or info@ikindness.in or Phone +91 9980756174, +91 8095555584, +91 8884441567, +91 8884441569, for further info.

We hope to make a difference to every individual we interact with (patients, families, colleagues, partners, volunteers). All our services provide you a minimum of 30% discount. For ex. a scan that costs Rs 3000.00 normally will cost you Rs 2100.00! The savings extend to medicines, hospital stay, operations, etc. Affordable care is now available at your doorstep with Intelligent Kindness Healthcare. "No society can legitimately call itself civilised if an unwell person is denied medical care because of lack of money".